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Let me make it easy for you…

Hi, I’m Andy McGorlick, a mortgage broker with Loan House in Frankston.

The fact that you are reading this means you are probably looking for someone to help you with home finance.  So the big question is why would you choose me?  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1.  Check out my list of factual reasons why you should join the hundreds of people that have already obtained home finance through me – this includes my unique triple guarantee.

“I really like your triple guarantee. I think that alone differentiates you from lots of your competition” – Martin Grunstein, Top line speaker & customer service expert

2.  Read what my clients say about me: ‘professional’, ‘knowledgeable’, ‘patient’, ‘friendly’, ‘helpful’, ‘genuine’, ‘brilliant’ are just some of the comments made.

3.  Take a look at my cheat sheet to see how I can save you $96,163 in interest payments* – easily!  In fact, you will probably save a lot more than this.

* Savings based on a home loan of $350,000 at 7.0% interest

Some Food for Thought

Capability and Integrity

Before you hire a plumber, there are two things you want to know about them: that they will do the job well and that they won’t rip you off.  When you find people like this, they are gold!  The home finance industry is no different.  You want someone to help you get the job done properly and with your best interests at heart.

Whether that be a broker or a bank manager, the key is to find someone you can trust – someone capable and with integrity.  I strive to be one of those brokers every single day.  But don’t just take my word for it; see the testimonials from my clients – ‘well informed’, ‘professional’, ‘goes the extra mile’, ‘prompt’, ‘genuinely cares’, ‘outstanding service’.

So why use a broker?

The advantage of using a broker is that I am not trying to sell just one bank’s products.  I have over 30 different lenders that I can use so you get to choose from a wide variety of great options.  In addition, I am not aware of any bank that will deliver anywhere close to the benefits that I do.

But I like my bank

That’s fine – why not let me help you do the loan with your bank and get the additional benefits that I deliver?

So what’s next?

If you already have a home loan, why not let me review it?  I’ll give you a valuation report on your home (valued at $24.95) plus an assessment on how your existing loan compares to other options in the market (including other options with your existing lender).  Click here to request your free review.

If you are considering purchasing, let me advise you on your borrowing capacity, purchase costs and give you some ideas on how to save some serious money over the life of your loan.  Click here to request your free consultation.

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