Free Consultation

If you are reading this you are probably in one of two situations.


You may be an existing home owner with an existing loan and are wondering if you are paying too much on your current loan.  You may also be wondering if you have your loan set up the best way.

With just a few pieces of information I can give your loan a quick no obligation health check and let you know how your existing loan compares to other options in the market (including other options with your existing lender).

I’ll even give you a free valuation on your property (as long as it is in the Melbourne metropolitan area) valued at $24.95.

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You may have plans to purchase a new property, renovate an existing one or consolidate debts.

I can advise on your borrowing capacity, purchase costs, the best way to structure your loan and give you some ideas on how to save some serious money over the life of your loan.

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